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Meet Ashley

Communication and connection are my truest passions in life. In fact, without a script, it’s pretty hard to shut me up! I’m an equally left brained/right brained nerd, and can wax poetic on all topics from my love of art to my love of spreadsheets. Heck, I have a spreadsheet to keep track of my art! ….and my popup book collection. But I digress.   


As a certified nerd with an interest in absolutely everthing, I’m guaranteed to find your copy truly interesting, and that authenticity comes across in my reads! I love extracting the kernel of each script, and conveying that emotion to your audience. 


In my storied nerddom, I’ve had a career that spanned from working in finance, to being a massage therapist to cancer patients, and from business-talk to medical-jargon, I’ve always loved finding true connection with the customer. To quote my favorite movie (yes, I’m a movie nerd too) I “sure have a way with people” because “Well, they’re my species!”*

As voice-acting nerd I've logged over 235 hours of coaching; studying under respected talents like Melissa Moats, Dustin Ebaugh, Shelley Avellino and Dave Fennoy. I have enjoyed learning and mastering the nuances of performing copy ranging from answering the phone to teaching ophthalmology to selling cars. And as an audio engineering nerd under the tutelage of award winning audio engineer John McClain (of Monster Sound Studios, not Die Hard). I'm also adept at editing and mastering my files professionally and efficiently and delivering them to my clients in a jiffy (that's a technical term, try to keep up).

Are you still reading? Man, I'm impressed. That means you're a nerd too and we should definitely connect! Feel free to click on my social-media links and make friends, or better yet, request a quote, request an audition, or just shoot me an email and say hi! I'm already nerding out about it!

*Oh look, you scrolled down! The movie is Harold and Maude (1971) and you should watch it.




photo of voice actress Ashley Turner smiling & wearing a colorful blouse
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